Website's Creation

Behind the Scenes

This site was built by students at Exeter College! The site uses NodeJS and PHP as a backend with MariaDB working as the database software which is a fork of MySQL. The site was created with an admin panel to allow for general management as well as a fully featured, clean frontend built on MaterializeCSS.

The below students made this possible.


Christian Alberth

Originally, I was unsure whether or not becoming a web developer could make a real world positive impact. Now I'm certain I can.

James Chris had one of the largest impacts of all of the team members, he originally managed the project in its Joomla stages and brought a lot of design elements and coding skills to drastically improve the end result; his contributions can be found throughout each page.

Josh Christian is almost entirely responsible for refining the uniform design of the pages, formatting the Rider and Sponsor pages through some rather painstaking trial and error and image editing to ensure the files being used co-operated with the page layout. We have him to thank for making large portions of the site look good.

Sam Christian put a lot of passion into the project and it certainly shows. Many of the design choices where implemented by Chris, he has given the website a distinct personality in its design. Website development definitely comes to naturally him.


  • Implementation of Riders & Sponsors
  • Original Feature Creation
  • Quality Control
  • Major Design Input
  • Project Management
  • Feature & Design Implementation


Contact me: [email protected]
Most of my websites conventionally include no images, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to work with some for this wonderful charity event, I'm eager to see how much can be raised and am glad that I was apart of it.

Chris Everytime James set his mind to a task, he managed to create the most amazing features to enhance the website. The web developing skills he posseses tops my knowledge and probably the knowledge of all students in Exeter College.

Josh Contributing his extensive technical prowess, James created the backend systems upon which the website itself was built in addition to a variety of 'moving parts' written in JavaScript and CSS on the page itself. His abilities brought some much needed ease of use to the systems we were working with and overall helped to streamline the process.

Sam James was the back bone of our team, he quickly became defacto Project Manager with his dedication and initiative to organise the team with task management. James' skill in web design can only be described as elusive, I still can't wrap my head around how he made the backend & frontend we used in the development of the website.


  • Backend Development with PHP and NodeJS
  • Frontend Design & Implementation
  • CSS, HTML and JavaScript Development
  • Migration from Joomla
  • Project Leader
  • Hosting

Josh Powell-Morris

As a budding Programmer, I am grateful for the opportunity to apply and learn some practical knowledge, all the while contributing to the Ride for Prostate Cancer (albeit in a far less labour intensive way than the riders!).

James Josh is well equipped with a large vocabulary, this allowed for him to make major improvements to text created by the other team members, he also had a great sense for design and contributed throughout modifications.

Chris The eloquence that Josh possesses provided him with the ability to enhance the website with clever texts. This was also noticeable in the exchange with the client as he was able to respond to questions with great responsibility.

Sam Josh's critical thinking and problem solving abilities has helped me find solutions to many of the hurdles I've run into while working on the site, any of my peers would say the same. When I make design choices and other changes on the site, Josh is usually the first person I run it past.


  • Written Work Formation and Modifications
  • Content Editor
  • Major Design Input
  • Establishing and Upholding Client Relationship and Contact
  • Meeting Organisation

Sam Thacker

It was a pleasure to work on this project with my peers; it has been a valuable experience that works as my first major stepping stone into the world of web development.

James Sam isn't afraid to get himself involved in the project, contributing ideas and hunting bugs of which most wouldn't have even considered, he also thought of resourceful solutions to issues and generally gave thoughtful input to the other team members.

Chris Sam has a good eye for small details. He played a big part in improving the design of the website. The optical finish he applied at the end of the project helps to discover small details even after the nth visit.

Josh Sam picked up on small details that the rest of us missed and sought to improve aspects of the page to make the overall product look all the better, correcting and adding as he went.


  • Feature Concept/Design
  • Bug Testing
  • Image Modifications